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Meet Marcus – our Sales Support Supervisor!

Marcus, and his sales support team, are known to quickly resolve any issue and provide great customer service to our customers! They work side-by-side with the sales team to make sure all orders are accurately delivered.

Marcus is a Colorado-native who joined the Seattle Fish & Lombardi Meats team after being with King Soopers for 10 years.

Learn more about Marcus in the Q&A below!

Q: What were you the most excited for in starting this position? 

A: After spending 10 years on the retail side of food sales, I was most excited to learn about the other side of the business and being part of the team that was just as passionate about what they are doing as I am. 

Q: What has been the most memorable project you’ve worked on?

A: The most memorable project I have been a part of was our Food Show in Jackson Hole, Wyoming last year. I work closely with the sales rep in that area and have a lot of interaction with our customers up there, so it was fun getting to meet everyone. 

Q: What’s your favorite seafood or meat dish to enjoy?

A: My favorite seafood dish would probably have to be ceviche. The mix of the different vegetables and the fresh fish make it the perfect dish for a hot summer day. 

Q: What are your favorite things to do outside of work? 

A: Outside of work, I like to spend time with family and my dog. I like to spend time in the kitchen learning to make new things. 

Thanks for sharing more about you Marcus, and for leading a great customer service team!