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Vendor Spotlight: Blue Ocean Mariculture’s Hawaiian Kanpachi

Meet Blue Ocean Mariculture: Supplier of Sustainable, Ocean-Raised Hawaiian Kanpachi

Hawaiian Kanpachi (you may also know it as Kona Kampachi) is one of our all time favorite fish. And as certified fish people, that’s saying a lot.

Raised sustainably in the oceanic waters off Hawai’i island, Kanpachi is a versatile fish with a distinctly fresh, sweet flavor, and firm texture. This fish is no doubt beautiful when served raw – it makes for an elegant crudo or amazing sashimi bite. But Hawaiian Kanpachi is also extremely versatile, lending itself to a wide variety of starter and entrée presentations when seared, grilled or cured.

You have to wonder if part of the reason Kanpachi tastes as delicious as it does has anything to do with the way it is thoughtfully cared for, fed and harvested by Blue Ocean Mariculture — we think it certainly must.

One of the most sophisticated production facilities for marine finfish in the United States, Blue Ocean operates a fully integrated mariculture facility, optimizing the life cycle of Hawaiian Kanpachi from hatch to harvest. This means that all of their production begins with fertilized eggs from local brood fish, meaning there is no capture pressure imposed on wild fish populations.

When they’re ready, juvenile fish from Blue Ocean Mariculture’s hatchery facility are carefully transferred offshore to open ocen net pens in the lee of Mauna Kea and Hualalai, some of Hawaii’s grandest mountains. These net pens are located in areas of high water exchange and fish stocking densities are restricted to preserve water quality and benthic health. Feed events are also visually observed to reduce the risk of waste and benthic buildup.

We’re excited to share that Blue Ocean has recently rolled out a new fillet program, making this prestigious fish more affordable and accessible than ever before.
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Harvested two times a week in Kona, these fish are hand-cut at Blue Ocean’s facility before being flown exclusively to Seattle Fish Company. The fillets are cryovaced in 10k OTR bags, ensuring optimum freshness every single time. Consistent in size (1.5-2lbs), these skin-on, collar-off fillets are the perfect year-round solution for any menu or market.

Seattle Fish Company is proud to exclusively partner with Blue Ocean Mariculture to bring Hawaiian Kanpachi to the communities and customers we serve. Please contact your Seattle Fish Company Sales Representative to find out additional information or pricing on whole fish and fillets.
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You can also visit Blue Ocean Mariculture’s website