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Meet Mark Holland – Transportation Manager

Seattle Fish Company & Gourmet Provisions is excited to announce that Mark Holland has been hired as the company’s new Transportation Manager! Mark joined the Seattle Fish team in October 2022, working to improve our customer service, managing our drivers and routing, and implementing new strategies to eliminate mistakes and inefficiencies, so we’re better prepared to satisfy our customers.

Mark grew up in San Diego, CA. After starting his career, he went back to college at the age of 28, attending the University of California in San Diego. He’s been in the supply chain industry for over 30 years, including experience with the United Parcel Service, as well as 4 years as Distribution Manager for Coca-Cola in San Diego. He was then promoted to Warehouse Manager of Coca-Cola, which brought him and his wife Nancy to Colorado.

In his role as Transportation Manager, Mark is ultimately responsible for making sure the products you order arrive to you on time and in the same great condition they were in when they left the Seattle Fish warehouse. This is no easy feat, as our distribution extends across the entire state of Colorado as well as a few surrounding areas, such as Jackson, WY.

Mark had the opportunity to get to know Ken Boyer, SFC Food Safety Quality Assurance Manager, and Will Martin, SFC King Soopers Sales Manager, in one of his previous roles working for a third-party logistics company that operates the King Soopers Perishable Warehouse. He says he was excited to join our time because, “The people here operate at a different level, compared to most places [he’s] worked.  There’s a genuine feeling of family here, and every day there’s a legitimate vibe that we’re going to enjoy our time together.  This stuff matters.”

In his role so far as Transportation Manager, Mark Holland says that the acquisition of Lombardi Brothers Meats in November 2022 has been his most memorable project to date. “The Lombardi Brothers acquisition has put fascinating opportunities in front of me,” said Mark. “I’m very excited to work on the integration, adding their customers, drivers, and trucks to our network.”

Get to know Mark Holland better by reading his Q&A below!   

What are your favorite ways to unwind outside of work?

We’re very involved with Rocky Mountain Christian Church, in Frederick, CO.  We’re also a hockey family.  Nancy and I have a 20-Game Package (2 seats) with the Colorado Avalanche.  So… June 26, when the boys won The Stanley Cup, will always be a very emotional memory for Nancy and I (and a few of our kids who share the addiction).  I have a Harley touring bike.  Every year I disappear for long vacation rides, sometimes solo, sometimes with friends.  The trips last from 10 to 18 days.  The longest so far was over 4,700 miles, solo, through the Southern States.  I’ve made 5 trips into the South over the last few years.  It’s a completely different terrain than Colorado.  I’m looking forward to riding to Oregon this Summer, to visit my sister-in-law, Patty, and her husband, Tim, in Grants Pass.  The walls of our home are covered with framed pictures of the Harley in front of famous places and “Welcome to…” state line signs. 

What’s your favorite seafood? How do you like to prepare it?

I’m a griller, especially since my last job as the Warehouse & Fulfillment Manager at a start-up called Spark Grills.  I love to grill scallops, shrimp and salmon.  My favorite dish to prepare on the grill is Chicken & Shrimp Fajitas.  First, I grill the shrimp and a couple of chicken breasts, at the same time I’m grilling the peppers and onions.  I can fit two 9” cast iron pans on the grill; I put the grilled chicken in one, and the grilled shrimp in the other.  Then we add the veggies into the pans, with the seasoning sauces.  Brown the tortillas on the grill too.  Last step, we bring it all into the house for dinner!  Smells amazing, and sizzles all the way to the table.