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savanna ronco, marketing coordinator

Meet Savanna Ronco – Marketing Coordinator

Seattle Fish is pleased to announce that Savanna Ronco has been hired as the company’s Marketing Coordinator. Savanna joined the Seattle Fish Company team in June 2021, having previously worked as Communications Manager for ChoLon Restaurant Concepts.   

In the months since her hiring, Savanna has contributed to many Seattle Fish projects, including the launch of the digital product catalog, re-developing the Fun Fish of the Month program with the purchasing team, partnering with a public relations firm, and designing three co-branded truck wraps with select vendors. She also joined the National Fisheries Institute Communications & Education committee and attended the NFI Political Conference in September 2021.   

“I’m thrilled and so very thankful that Savanna decided to join the Seattle Fish family,” says Derek Figueroa, Seattle Fish CEO & President. “For Seattle Fish, marketing plays a crucial role in leading our efforts around the authentic engagement of products, customers, and communities. Savanna is a true professional and brings deep experience and leadership, not just in marketing, but also in food, restaurants, events, design, and storytelling. Savanna has not just driven a dramatic and positive change in a very short time – she’s made our work fun by sharing her passion for food and hospitality.”   

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Savanna moved to Denver in 2016 in search of a new adventure. She enjoys dining at local restaurants, hiking with her dog Sawyer, and traveling. She’s excited to grow her knowledge on the seafood industry and continue developing relationships with our customers and vendors.   

Get to know Savanna better by reading her Q&A below!   

How did you first learn about Seattle Fish Company?   

Having previously worked for the ChoLon group, I was familiar with Seattle Fish Company because ChoLon has used Seattle Fish as a vendor for many years. Though I didn’t know much about the company’s history at the time, I knew they provided high-quality products with a focus on sustainability. The more I learned about the company, the more I felt that it was a perfect role and transition for me.  

What were you the most excited about joining the Seattle Fish team?  

Though I spent many years in the restaurant industry, and personally love seafood, I was most excited about the role to broaden my horizons on the seafood industry, particularly when it comes to sustainability efforts. One of the first projects I worked on after being hired was a blog post about Seattle Fish participating in two new Fishery Improvement Plans (FIPs), which was a fun way to dive into one of the ways that Seattle Fish is directly involved with leading the growth of sustainable seafood.   

You know we have to ask… What’s your favorite seafood?  

Being from New Orleans, I think I have to say crawfish, or my family would be really disappointed in me! 😉 Seriously, though, I LOVE seafood gumbo and boiled seafood, especially crawfish and crabs. I also enjoy oysters of all kinds!