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In pictures: A day in the life of Seattle Fish Company

Undercurrent News
By Jeanine Stewart


A day in the life of Seattle Fish Company is as varied and diverse as the hundreds of species the Denver-based Colorado supplier carries.

Last week, Undercurrent News witnessed a day in the life of the company, from start to finish, revealing a company with a diverse array of products and meticulous systems. A full window into that day is available in our gallery here.

The day’s work begins with a sales meeting, where Seattle Fish’s purchasing director Harry Mahleres clues the sales and buying teams in on the state of various species, from the tight supply of soft shell crabs to the rising prices on salmon.

Inside the processing plant, close proximity to the Denver airport enables fish inspectors to kick their day off early. Drivers deliver fish, fresh off the planes, to the plant for inspecting and sometimes processing first thing in the morning.

Since the company ships 85% of its fish fresh, there is little room for error inside the plant or in the procurement or selling departments.

That means shipments are smaller and sales have to happen frequently.

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