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Meet The Maker: Verlasso Salmon

Seattle Fish Company is proud to offer hundreds of vendors and products in our portfolio in order to provide you with extensive choices when it comes to selecting high-quality, unique and delicious products for your kitchen, menu, or store. We want you to have the same opportunity we do to get to know those farmers, makers and producers on a deeper level – so we’re launching a new blog series to do just that! Introducing: Meet The Maker. 

Each time we do a “Meet The Maker” blog post, we’ll profile one of our fantastic vendors and provide you with an inside look at who they are, why they do what they do, and what kind(s) of products they have to offer.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Verlasso Salmon, a sustainable, open-ocean salmon producer out of Chilean Patagonia.

Who is Verlasso?

Verlasso has been a leader in sustainable salmon farming practices for nearly a decade. They work closely with their local communities in Patagonia to reduce environmental impact with proven innovative sustainable farming techniques. Verlasso is pioneering new traditions in harmonious aquaculture and is a truly trusted source for sustainable quality salmon.

Seattle Fish Company and Verlasso share a belief that we are part of a unique space that will help supply a growing population with the most sustainable protein for generations to come. At its core, this mission is philanthropic and has the highest level of intent.

Verlasso is the first farmed salmon to ever receive a “Good Alternative” or “MBA Yellow” rating from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The “Good Alternative” rating comes from an extensive evaluation of how Verlasso’s farming practices have minimal impact on the environment,1:1 fish in fish out ratio and low pen densities.

Why Chilean Patagonia?

The pristine deep fjords, measuring in some places more than 75 meters deep make them the perfect place to farm Verlasso salmon. In some cases, these fjords are more than a three-hour boat ride from the nearest population. This minimizes any risk of industrial pollutants or PCB’s in the water that could potentially cause a negative effect on the farms.

Through strict farming practices, a no-kill policy on predators and extensive fallowing periods, we work each and every day to protect what is considered in the aquaculture industry to be one of the last and best remaining aquaculture locations in the world.

Want to learn more about Verlasso?

Check out Verlasso’s website here, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find them at Seattle Fish Company food shows all year long, and at Aspen Food & Wine every summer.