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Grateful For Essential Workers: Distribution Team Spotlight

After what has certainly been the most challenging year in recent memory, we find ourselves reflecting on the silver linings and perspective gained and are grateful for so much. Seattle Fish Company, as a provider of nutritious food, is considered an essential business and has remained open throughout the pandemic. Our customers and employees have shown resiliency, creativity, and dedication to their craft while under immense pressure and increased safety practices. We would be remiss if we didn’t take the opportunity to highlight some of our very own front-line workers making what we do possible: the Seattle Fish Company distribution team. 

Seattle Fish Co. truck delivering inside Jackson Hole, WY.

Seattle Fish has a team of 26 drivers (30 total employees in our fleet) who run routes everywhere in the Rocky Mountain region from Metro Denver, to Aspen, Vail, Utah and beyond. These men and women are on the road six days a week, sometimes in the toughest conditions, delivering food to our customers, who in turn feed our communities. They play a critical role in our supply chain, and that responsibility does not stop – in fact, it increases – when there is a situation like this pandemic. 

A day in the life of a driver is already tough – think about the possible obstacles on long-haul routes, including weather, traffic, and accident backups. It is with grace they have handled increased safety protocols like face protection, social distancing, and conducting touchless deliveries, while at the same time remaining Seattle Fish Co.’s most customer-facing employees, in charge of delivering a positive customer experience. 

Our distribution team is led by Distribution Manager, Robin Melvin. Robin joined Seattle Fish Co. earlier this year and is responsible for coordinating drivers, vehicles, routes, and loads, as well as assessing performance, identifying logistical problems, and implementing plans for improvements. Robin brings over thirteen years of distribution experience and a passion for customer service, problem-solving, and advocacy for our hard-working professional drivers.

Seattle Fish Company’s Distribution Manager, Robin Melvin

“Throughout my career, it’s always been my goal to bring the most efficient logistics planning to my department all while keeping the drivers safe. With the Coronavirus pandemic upending every aspect of our personal and professional lives, the center of this disruption has been in the supply chain and trucking industry. This brings a new element to our daily operations, and it has become my utmost priority to make sure each and every driver that is out serving our customers and community stays safe during these difficult times. I want to personally thank all of our drivers for their bravery, hard work, and dedication to our team.”

Robin and her team have remained steadfast through challenging times and constantly changing regulations; no easy feat. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank trucking professionals and essential workers worldwide. Without you, this year would have been impossible. You have delivered medical supplies for hospitals, groceries to keep our store shelves and restaurants stocked, perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, and more.

We are looking at you Ted, Victor, Jaffa, Kelly, Gary, Ricky, Glenn, Kelly, Sam, Gabriel, Bruce, Francisco, Cory, Roy, Thomas, Travis, Sean, Damien, Arturo, Christopher, Roxana, Cesar, Jose, Mustafa, Efrain, Antonio, Bill, Eric, Shawn, William and Brian.

You have held us together as a nation at a time when we needed it most, and for that, we are grateful.