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Trawl to Table: Trip to Harvard and Chatham, MA

Just last week, Seattle Fish Co. packed our bags and hosted five local chefs on a trip to the Northeast.  Our fabulous culinary team included Kelly Whitaker of Basta of Cart Driver, Shaun Motoda of TAG, Cortland Collins of Los Chingones, Marty and Michelle Steinke of Salt, and Colton Wagner from The Kitchen Next Door Boulder.

Day 1 – Our first stop: Neptune Oyster Bar for some of the best oysters, clams, and crudos we’ve ever had! For our second meal, we headed to Alden and Harlow, an underground spot located next to the Harvard Camps for octopus, more oysters and clams, rabbit sausage, pork belly and a few craft cocktails.
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Day 2 – Aside from fresh seafood culinary experiences, the main purpose of our trip was to attend Trawl to Table at Harvard University. The sustainability-focused conference was specifically pertaining to the local dogfish and red fish fisheries.  We were educated on improved fishing equipment from nets, boats and a variety of methods. We also had the opportunity to visit with the fishermen and watched demonstrations including a whole dogfish break-down.

Day 3 – The following day we headed two hours north to Chatham, MA for a night at a quaint bed and breakfast. After another quick stop at a local raw bar, we ended up at a clam bake at the Fisherman’s Alliance. The group showed inspiring videos on the importance of maintaining relationships between chefs and purveyors and spoke to the challenges of the constantly changing fishing regulations.

Day 4 –  The day of (unsuccessful) deep sea fishing! It wasn’t a lack of effort because we dropped over 100 hooks baited with bloody haddock in search of Dogfish.  Turns out the “dogs” were running 5-10 miles out at sea and we didn’t make it quite that far.  Regardless, of a the catch-less trip, we had an amazing experience on the ocean with the seagulls and sea lions. Our final trip to the airport included a pit-stop at the infamous Island Creek Oyster farm! We toured the entire facility and learned everything from algae growth to the spawning process.  We were able to put down a few more dozen oysters before we headed to the airport.

In recap, it was truly a trip to remember.
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 It reminded us of the importance of creating relationships with our fishermen and farmers regardless of being in land-locked Colorado.  The trip also reinstated our dedication to the sustainability of our seafood industry.