Monthly Archives: February 2015

Our “Tuna Task Force” and their newest test!

What do you mark on your raw-bar card?
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Tuna?  Many sushi and sashimi lovers do. What’s not to love about a bright and beautiful slice of ahi tuna loin?

Seattle Fish Co., proudly sources, process and delivers fresh seafood to many favorite sushi bars in the state from Denver to Aspen.  Sourcing seafood into our land-locked state isn’t an easy feat, but we’ve been tweaking our process since 1918—nearly 100 years!  We continually grow and strive for perfection for our customers and consumers.  In fact, our vision is “a world in which quality seafood is readily available to all who wants access to it”.  This is why in 2015 we’ve launched an internal “Tuna Task Force”.
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This team is made up of our most senior buyers and sales reps along with our manager of quality assurance and quality control and also, one of our most talented tuna cutters. The goal is to overall improve the quality and consistency of tuna that we source and distribute.

A crucial step: packaging.  For quite some time, we have vacuum-sealed our tuna loins before being surrounded by ice and carefully packed in our recyclable boxes.  To see if this was still the very best option, our manager of quality assurance and quality control, Ken Boyer, conducted extensive side-by-side testing of packaging options.  A new winner quickly emerged.  The tests showed that using a (pricey) Japanese tuna-specific green packing paper directly on the loin and then packing that loin in a sealed plastic bag out-preformed other techniques.  This paper and specific packing technique proved to have dramatically superior results in protecting the integrity of the tuna for a longer period of time. With tuna being one of the most expensive fish on the market today, this superior packaging is very important to our customers, therefore is very important to us.