In 1905, Mose Iacinoʼs family made the journey to Colorado from Grimaldi, Italy, in search of a better life. It was Mose’s entrepreneurial spirit and appreciation for high-quality seafood that inspired him to create Seattle Fish Co. in 1918, at the young age of 16.

Tasked with creating a system for transporting fresh seafood to the landlocked state of Colorado, Mose packed fresh fish in sawdust and ice to be shipped by railcar from Seattle—replenishing the ice at stops along the way. In doing so, he created a family business that resulted in Denverites flocking to his fresh fish market on Market Street to get their hands on the freshest seafood in the Rocky Mountains.

Today, fresh and frozen seafood, packed in special shipping containers to preserve quality, is transported into Denver seven days a week from hand-selected suppliers on American coasts and in port cities around the world. After all, everything we do at Seattle Fish Co. is designed to ensure that the quality of our seafood remains pristine from catch to cook. If we’ve learned anything in our 100+ year history in the seafood business, it’s that fresh seafood won’t wait for tomorrow—and that’s worth celebrating.

More information on the Iacino legacy can be found in Mile High City: An Illustrated Guide.