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Sea Pact 2023 Summary Report

Sea Pact 2023 Summary Report: A Year of Progress and Innovation

Earlier this year, Sea Pact published its 2023 Summary Report, detailing the progress made in the 2023 Work Plan activities. Here are some key takeaways:

Data Collection on Tuna Fisheries

For the first time, Sea Pact members collected and aggregated source fishery data on fresh and frozen tuna. This effort aimed to identify collective improvement opportunities. Despite challenges in collecting some key data elements and the variety of fishery sources, the exercise yielded valuable outcomes.

  • Priority Identification: Long-line caught yellowfin tuna was identified as a top priority.
  • Revised Funding Guidelines: Sea Pact Project Funding Guidelines were revised to call for proposals focused on sustainability improvements in these fisheries.
  • Data Sharing: Members shared strategies for addressing data gap challenges, laying a strong foundation for future data collection efforts. In 2024, the focus will shift to snapper/grouper and mahi.

Project Funding Program

Sea Pact’s project funding program remains a core initiative. In 2023, members elected to fund several innovative projects:

  1. Otoliths-Lada Canada: Assessing a novel technique for age determination in three North American crab species.
  2. Ocean Strategies: Improving coordination and education between existing and future aquaculture industries and California’s commercial fishing community.

A new Sea Pact website was launched to provide a public platform for reporting outcomes and lessons learned from all funded projects.

Gender Equality Dialogues

Three Sea Pact members—Acme Smoked Fish, Fortune Fish and Gourmet, and Seattle Fish Company—participated in Seafood and Gender Equality’s inaugural Gender Equality Dialogues.

Membership Growth

Sea Pact welcomed two new members in 2023, Acme Smoked Fish and Blue Ocean Mariculture, furthering the organization’s mission and impact.

Looking Ahead

“Last year was a strong one for the organization,” said Sam Grimley, Sea Pact Executive Director. “We funded some really innovative projects that aligned with our sustainability priorities, saw our membership grow, and we are now excited to build off of the member activities, such as the source fishery data collection, as we embark on strategic planning and goal setting in 2024 that will support our members’ sustainability efforts.”

Be sure to check out the full report as well as the 2024 Work Plan here.