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Meet Nick Velasquez: Quality Technician

Seattle Fish Company is excited to highlight Nicholas Velasquez, who has been newly promoted to Quality Technician! Nick has an extensive background as a meat cutter and working in retail and joined the SFC team in September 2021. He has grown throughout the company – first starting as a fish cutter, then moving into inventory, and now helping manage the freshness of all products we send out to customers.

Nick shares, “I eventually found Seattle Fish by accident. Already working for King Soopers I had an Indeed account that I forgot to disactivate. I ended up receiving a job offer from Seattle because I had a lot of cutting experience. After a quick once over from Indeed, I called and met Juan who ended up hiring me to join the Seattle Fish crew! The rest is history.”

Get to know Nick better by reading his Q&A below!
What are some of your job responsibilities at SFC?

It’s my job to check the quality of all products in-house. From fresh fish to oysters to frozen products and expiration dates. I do daily checks to make sure products on the floor look great, the scaling machines are properly calibrated, and all our coolers are holding the proper temperature. I compile what is called a HACCP (Hazzard Analysis Critical Control Points) pack which is documentation of my findings to make sure we are following FDA Food Safety in the facility.

I am also in charge of checking all the returns that come back. I verify that the product did in fact come back and then whether the product is safe to put back into our stock or should be thrown away. I then fill out the proper documentation and pass it to sales to determine whether a credit should be issued or not.

I also help HR with new hire orientation. I run the HACCP/Food Safety portion of the orientation. I show all the proper safety videos and review the questions with the new hires.

What were you the most excited about joining the Seattle Fish team or experiencing in your new role at SFC? 

Learning something different! I love learning new things, and on all levels. So, taking on the new role as Quality Tech is super exciting for me because again, I’m learning more than I ever imagined in the roles of safety and quality. I’m even taking a class so I can be HACCP certified which I think is so awesome!  

What are your favorite things to do outside of work?

Play with my kids! Whether I’m playing video games with the boys or going to the park, riding bikes. I love spending time with them.  I also enjoy making music. I DJ on the side and it is my Zen place when I’m recording.

Thanks Nick for sharing a little more about your history with the company and why you enjoy your job! For current job openings at Seattle Fish & Lombardi Meats, check out postings on our website.