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Meet Damian Tamayo – Receiving Supervisor

Damian Tamayo joined the Seattle Fish team in September 2018. In his role as receiving supervisor, he leads the receiving team, managing a team of 10 people, and is responsible for supervising checking in all products that come through our doors at Seattle Fish Company!

It goes without saying that receiving is an extremely important job at Seattle Fish. Between seafood, terrestrial proteins, and gourmet products, we have thousands of products being delivered to our warehouse 7 days a week. The receiving team is responsible for ensuring that these products are checked in correctly, that we’re getting what we ordered, and that the product is being checked immediately upon arrival for quality according to our company’s high standards.

Damian grew up in Alburquerque, New Mexico. Before working at Seattle Fish, he worked for Comcast as a Technician. When starting his role at Seattle Fish, he was most excited about getting the opportunity to work in a supervisor role, which is something he hadn’t done before. Though it is a challenging role, he enjoys working with the team he manages and all of Seattle Fish employees.

His most memorable project in his role thus far was reorganizing the freezer with all of the other supervisors and employees. It was a huge project that required a lot of organization and time management (not to mention the obvious challenge of working in a freezer – it was freezing!), but Damian enjoyed seeing everyone work together toward a common goal.

Get to know Damian better by reading his Q&A below!   

What are your favorite ways to unwind outside of work?

My favorite thing to do after work is going outdoors, either hiking or going camping. One thing I want to try is mountain biking. I feel like that would be a good adrenaline rush!

You know we have to ask… What’s your favorite seafood? How do you like to prepare it?

My favorite seafood dish would probably be octopus ceviche, because you can make this on the beach! You don’t need any fire, just a knife and cutting board and you can’t forget the Modelo!