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Chris DiVincenzo

Meet Chris DiVincenzo – Controller

Seattle Fish Company is pleased to announce Chris DiVincenzo has been hired as the company’s Controller. Chris joined the Seattle Fish team in September 2021, having previously worked as Accounting Manager for a local tech startup.

As Controller, Chris and his team are responsible for implementing proper accounting processes and ensuring the financial statements we report are accurate and complete. In other words, they make sure the bills are paid and that all of our company’s financial numbers are presented correctly and can be relied upon for company decision making.

Chris was born and raised on the gulf coast of Florida before moving to Denver and attended Florida State University where he received degrees in Accounting and Finance. When he isn’t working, he enjoys anything that involves being active and getting outside, like skiing and hiking, as well as traveling and trying new foods and activities.

Get to know Chris DiVincenzo better by reading his Q&A below!   

What were you the most excited about joining the Seattle Fish team? 

The ability to be part of a team that is well-established in the region who takes their culture seriously.

What has been the most memorable project you’ve worked on since starting with SFC?

In my short time, it is, without question, working through the company transition with the accounting team while supporting Pete (McClure, CFO) and working on all transition items. It’s exciting times for the SFC team!

You know we have to ask… What’s your favorite seafood? How do you like to prepare it?

Coming from a coastal upbringing, I enjoy all types of seafood dishes from smoked fish dip and fish tacos to hog fish, but I always find myself cooking or ordering scallops when available. Bacon wrapped scallops are great but so is a quick, simple sear on a pan.