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Specialty Products Program: SFC Launch

Just because Seattle Fish Co is land-locked doesn’t mean we can’t access the same exotic seafood as anyone else on the coast!  With multiple SFC trucks and flights arriving in Denver weekly, we are able to bring in some of the highest quality, and now some of the most exotic, seafood products from all over the globe.  Our Director of Purchasing, Harry Mahleres has made a commitment to our customers to begin sourcing a variety of specialty products from fisherman each week.
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So far the program has been quite a success and has put some amazing new fish on plates in Colorado.
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Each product is paired with exact sourcing information including the name of the fishing vessel in which the fish was caught, the captain or fisherman’s name, fishing gear and port landed. Weekly emails are being sent to our customers with this sourcing information and up-close pictures of all our specialty products as they land on our dock. Contact your sales rep to begin receiving these ‘Specialty Emails’ today to get your hands on Skate Wings and Cheeks, Sierra Mackerel, Thorny Rockfish, Porgys, and more!