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Colorado chef, Kelly Whitaker featured in the LA Times on West Coast Groundfish

Colorado chef, Kelly Whitaker discussed West Coast groundfish today in an op-ed piece within the LA Times.  Kelly is the owner and executive chef of Boulder’s, Basta and Denver’s Cart-Driver.  He has a deep passion for the sustainability of our food industry and is a highly active member of Chefs Collaborative, a national nonprofit that is focused on changing the way America eats and fixing our broken food system.

The topic of Kelly’s piece is West Coast groundfish and what chefs and diners can (and should!) do as a next step in reviving and sustaining this fishery.
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After years of work by fisherman, regulators, conservationists, academics and observers, the West Coast groundfish fishery went from being declared a federal disaster to being rated sustainable and deemed well managed by Monterey Bay Aquarium’Seafood Watch Program and MSC.  In the LA Times article, Kelly challenges chefs to embrace these revived species and add them to their menu.  Alike, he suggests seafood consumers to ask their local fishmonger for a West Coast groundfish species such as: rockfish, sole, sanddabs, lingcod, sablefish,  and skate.  To learn more about what YOU can do to support this fishery, read the full article on West Coast Groundfish by Kelly Whitaker in the LA Times.

For a more in depth understanding of the West Coast groundfish’s successful journey, listen to a power-hour conference call recording with industry leaders and experts, including our very own Derek Figueroa. The power-hour was hosted by our friends at  Chef’s Collaborative.