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Improve Your Seafood Cooking Skills at Cook Street

It’s no secret that most home-cooks are more comfortable with chicken, steak and pork than seafood, and therefore leave the protein-of-the-sea to the professionals.
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 Cook Street School of Culinary Arts is helping home-chefs gain confidence in the kitchen when it comes to seafood. They are offering a series of seafood cooking classes including an upcoming sushi class! Seattle Fish Co. is excited to sponsor each of these upcoming classes and get more involved in Colorado’s home-cooking community.  A SFC Fishmonger will join the beginning of each class to answer any questions the students may have about the seafood industry, seafood being used in the class, and explain how we get some of the freshest seafood to our landlocked state.
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  Purchase a seat today at one of the following classes and become the fishmonger of your home: Pacific Northwest Grilling, Sushi Night, and Seafood 102.