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That ain’t hay! Denver Broncos eat to win at new training table – THE DENVER POST

The Denver Post
By William Porter

An army marches on its stomach, Napoleon Bonaparte once said. John Elway, the Denver Bronco’s general manager and executive vice president of football operations, must feel the same way about a certain orange-clad team.

The dining room at Broncos headquarters at Dove Valley doesn’t have white tablecloths, uniformed waiters or fancy wine lists — hey, it’s basically a cafeteria.

But the food lineup resembles a menu in a high-end restaurant: Skuna Bay salmon with a lemon-caper reduction, bison bolognese over bucatini pasta, sweet potato gnocchi with sage-infused brown butter and walnuts, grilled asparagus with heirloom tomatoes, Parmesan-crusted potatoes.

And those were just the offerings on a recent Tuesday, when most of the players were taking the day off, save for a few who had wrapped up a weight-room session. When the Broncos invested $8 million...Continue reading the full article here.