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The Chowder Room Sets Anchor on South Broadway

Here at Seattle Fish Co. we love our seafood, therefore we drool over the seafood joints in town! This month we are thrilled there is a new kid on the block: The Chowder Room.  “Kid” isn’t the correct word because owner-chef Matt Stein may be new to the Denver scene, but nowhere close to new in the seafood scene.
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  Matt has been in the seafood industry for over 20 years working on both coasts in a variety of roles. He was a chef within a Californian seafood restaurant chain before he opened and operated a seafood distribution company underneath that restaurant umbrella. The operation sourced, processed, portioned and packaged their own seafood using recyclable and reusable containers.  Matt and his wife, Carrie decided to come back to the great state of Colorado and open their own seafood-focused restaurant.  After quite some time of searching, they found the perfect space on South Broadway to house their fish house. Matt designed and decorated the nautical-themed restaurant and bar that serves seafood in a variety of ways taking inspiration from both coasts.
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They serve oysters on the half shell, peel-and-eat shrimp, poke, fish sandwich, crab cakes, fish of the day and chowder (three ways!).

When asked what has changed over the years in the seafood industry, Matt answered, “vendors and distributors are much more solution-focused than they used to be.”  He continued to describe how vedors are now willing to fix even the small issues within the supply chain. Those same issues were often overlooked or ignored years ago.  Since Matt’s experience is vast and he’s lived on both coasts, we were curious what he would list as his favorite seafood.  He had troubles nailing it down, but picked an item from each coast: The east coast Black Sea Bass and The King Crab from the west coast.  Matt described the gigantic size of King Crab they brought onboard on recent fishing excursion in Norton Sound, Alaska.  The story alone made our mouths water.  Thank goodness we were in a seafood joint; we quickly ordered the ‘chowder du jour’.  Next time you’re in their neighborhood, stop-in and meet our new friends at The Chowder Room.