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A Day in the Life of a Mountain Delivery Driver – Employee Spotlight

By: Natalie Kayton (Seattle Fish Co. Purchaser & Content Creator)

Have you ever wondered how fresh fish and meat is delivered to Aspen, Colorado? Seattle Fish & Lombardi Meats’ delivery drivers get to the warehouse at 2 AM to deliver product to our customers. I was able to ride-a-long Route 14 with David, one of our rockstar drivers who typically drives the Aspen route!

This day proved to me the endurance, strength, and strategy involved in being a delivery driver. Delivery drivers are a key part of the business as they are the last part of the supply chain. They are a reoccurring face for our customers and are the final step to having a successful delivery!

I joined on a Saturday, which is otherwise known as the “light day,” and yet there was nothing light about it! Aspen is a food lovers’ town – it does not lack great restaurants and we love supplying great products.  

Typically, the driver of this route is clocking in at 2 AM and coming back around 4 PM. But with Saturday being the second weekend shipment, it carries less volume than Friday’s delivery and is typically completed between 3 AM-2 PM. By the time we finished, I couldn’t imagine delivering more product! 

David – a seasoned driver who knows how to put it into the next gear – focused on the best places to park for optimal time spent per delivery, stacking the boxes for even weight distribution, and double checking each invoice to make sure all was accounted for.  

With a plethora of phenomenal chefs in Aspen, the delivery drivers are hustling to deliver products in time to be prepped for dinner service. Delivering the product in time to customers quickly turns into a 5-hour workout!  

Not to mention, the drive to and from the mountain town is strenuous. SFC and Lombardi drivers focus on the steep hills and sharp curves of I-70 to complete a safe product drop. We provide year-round deliveries despite harsh conditions.  

Delivery drivers are a fundamental part of getting fresh fish and meat to the small mountain towns of Colorado. Thank you, drivers, for all you do!  

If you are interested in joining our team, visit www.seattlefish.com/careers. To watch Natalie’s recap video of her day shadowing David, click here!