13 Nov 2020

Vendor Spotlight: Superior Farms American Lamb, Where Sustainability Starts In The Pasture

Quick Facts

  • USDA grade American Lamb
  • Sustainably raised by dedicated family ranchers
  • Hormone & antibiotic free

Since 1964, employee-owned Superior Farms American Lamb has been doing things differently. As the leading purveyor of farm-to-table American lamb, Superior Farms has made a commitment to protect the base of lamb consumers and ensure the industry’s continued growth through sustainability and innovation

Not unlike Seattle Fish Company’s approach of introducing sustainable practices throughout our supply chain, Superior Farms believes that “sustainability starts in the pasture”, and extends to every facet of what they do. This includes respecting and caring for a nutrient-rich land, maintaining a sustainable footprint, and working with dedicated family farmers who raise their flocks with the highest level of care.

A Superior Farms family with their flock.

Superior Farms has farms all over the country, including Minnesota, California, and Iowa, where lambs are set to pasture across vast grasslands, feeding, and grazing on the natural vegetation as they have for centuries. This natural vegetation feeding actually enables the flock to boost the level of organic matter in the soil and lower carbon emissions (since tractor time spent maintaining the fields is greatly reduced).

Superior Farms’ facilities are outfitted with technology like solar panels and wind turbines which help to offset their plant’s energy use. This solar panel system is the just latest initiative in the company’s overall commitment to providing sustainably raised lamb. Superior Farms has also reduced its use of water, diesel fuel, and plastics as part of its dedication to the environment.

Grilled Butterflied American Lamb Leg with Mint-Pistachio Pesto.
Recipe can be found on superiorfarms.com.

In addition to being advanced with sustainability technology, Superior Farms is also an industry innovator. In February of 2018, they announced that they received USDA approval to start using the VSS2000 System camera for grading lamb, the first-ever digital camera to do so. This grading process was previously done completely visually by the ranchers, so the cameras save a ton of time and allow ranchers to make faster, more informed decisions about their flock.

Superior Farms and Seattle Fish Company share many commonalities and a shared vision for a more sustainable future. We are proud to offer Superior Farms to our customers as part of our Gourmet Provisions Portfolio.

Please contact your Seattle Fish Company Sales Representative for additional information and pricing. You can also visit the Superior Farms website to learn more.

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