21 Oct 2020

Meats and Cheeses and Spices, Oh My! A (Re)Introduction Of Our Gourmet Provisions Line

Many people know that Seattle Fish Company has been providing the communities we serve with high-quality, sustainable seafood for over 100 years. Seafood is, and always will be, at the heart of Seattle Fish Company – however – our love for food extends far beyond the oceans, lakes, and rivers of our planet. We also have an affinity for the gourmet.  

Over the last five years, we have been steadily building our Gourmet Provisions portfolio; thoughtfully adding new items that meet our criteria for quality, taste, and sustainability expectations. We now carry hundreds of gourmet items that are a fantastic addition to any menu, including meats, cheeses, spices, sauces, and much more. 

Pictured: various gourmet cheeses, pickles from The Real Dill, honey from Bee Squared, and Whiskey Peach jam from Red Camper Preserves. All local products available in our Gourmet Provisions portfolio.

Just like we source our seafood with intention, we apply that same approach to our Gourmet Provisions line. We focus on local or regional companies in the Rocky Mountains that produce a high-quality, great-tasting product, who are taking the time to do things right. Of our 300+ gourmet items, over half are local. This allows our customers, whether it is a restaurant or a local market, to feature items on their menus or shelves that were grown, raised, or made within a few hours from their front door. 

One example of this is Fruition Farms Creamery, owned by Chef Alex Seidel (Fruition, Mercantile Dining & Provisions, Chook). Fruition Farms is located in Larkspur, Colorado, and was the first artisanal creamery in the state. Fruition is particularly known for their Shepherd’s Halo, a sheep’s milk cheese with a bloomy white rind and a silky, buttery halo of a cream line and a firm, creamy center. It is both salty and sweet with mild acidity, and is a constant staple in our cheese program. Seattle Fish Company also supplies Seidel’s Chook restaurants with whole Amish chickens from Miller Poultry, which are carefully cooked over their charcoal grills and made into their signature dish: Aussie style charcoal rotisserie chicken.

Image credit: Fruition Farms Creamery website

Seattle Fish Company also looks to partner with small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to further the distribution of their unique products. As a logistics expert, Seattle Fish Company is able to offer our vendor partners an established distribution network across five states. An added bonus for our customers: we can eliminate any additional carbon footprint by delivering their fresh seafood and gourmet products at the same time. 

Recently, we teamed up with Denver Chip Co. (We know, we never thought we’d be carrying potato chips either. But you have to trust us that these are the best damn chips we’ve ever had!) Seattle Fish Company has been able to expand Denver Chip Co.’s distribution exponentially. Their chips can now be found on the shelves at many local retailers, and on the menus of restaurants regionally. Available in both Original and Sweet & Spicy, we guarantee you’ll never want another potato chip again.

Image Credit: Denver Chip Co. Instagram

It is Seattle Fish Company’s goal to be our customer’s trusted purveyor across the menu, offering the perfect addition to a charcuterie board, a high-quality ribeye, unique cocktail ingredients, or fancy finishing salts. As our Gourmet Provisions line continues to expand and grow, we look forward to being able to offer even more great local products that you haven’t heard of (yet!).

For more information on our Gourmet Provisions line, please speak with your Seattle Fish Co. Sales Representative, or take a peek at our digital product catalog

PS: Here are just a few of our local Gourmet Provisions partners… 

River Bear Meats

The Real Dill

Red Camper Preserves

Rockin’ W Cheese

Jumpin’ Good Goat Cheese

Elevation Meats & Charcuterie

Denver Chip Co.

Vollmer’s Bakery

Fruition Farms Creamery 

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