04 Sep 2020

Vendor Spotlight: Elevation Meats

Who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? Piled high with delicious cheeses, pickled vegetables, jams, and mustards; placed in the center of the table for all guests to share. But in our opinion, the highlight of a charcuterie board… is the cured meats. Today we’re thrilled to be spotlighting one of our gourmet vendors, Elevation Meats, a Denver-based company offering a full line of delicious charcuterie and salami.

Elevation Meats owner, Chad Nelan, started his career as a butcher behind the counter at Tony’s Market.
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  After making charcuterie in his home for more than a decade, Nelan decided he wanted to offer the Colorado market high-quality variations of salami and whole muscle cures like pancetta and coppa. Using a unique blend of old country and traditional cooking methods and brainstorming new,  innovative flavors, Elevation was born.

The key ingredient in all of Elevation’s products is humanely raised heritage breed pigs — they provide the tastiest, best meat available, as a result of responsible and humane stewardship. Nelan has also invested a massive amount of time and resources into ensuring that Elevation follows a strict HAACP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plan approved by the USDA. This means all of their products are produced under strict food safety standards. The salami is all hand-tied and goes through the fermenting process while hung in a temperature-controlled room, carefully watched for appropriate pH levels as it is aged to perfection. 

The extra care and effort is obvious, and worth the effort, when you taste the quality and flavor of Elevation’s products. In 2018, Elevation’s Calabrese Salami won a Good Food Award. Made with imported Calabrian chiles and wine, this is one of our favorites. Nelan has crafted some of the most creative salami flavors out there, including Fennel Pollel and Mole, which are both seasoned with local spices, wine and beer. 

Elevation Meats products can be enjoyed as-is – sliced and served on a charcuterie board, or added to any dish that calls for salumi, such as pizza, or sandwiches. Look no further for your cured meats solution – Elevation takes the cake, er, board.  

Seattle Fish Company is proud to carry Elevation as part of our Gourmet Provisions portfolio. Ask your Seattle Fish Co. Sales Representative for a list of current Elevation products and pricing.

All photos sourced from elevationmeats.com

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