Demi, Glace, and Sous Vide Entrees

Culinary perfection. Every chef knows it’s in the details. A true epicurean experience might take hours or days to prepare. Bonewerks offers a smart alternative to the arduous process of making reduced stock foundations for your sauce recipes. We have created a line of premium Glace, Demi Glace and fully prepared, oven-seared Sous Vide Entrées.

The classical preparation of Bonewerks’ products means you’ll save time without sacrificing the excellence of your signature creations.

Bonewerks’ chefs work 24/6, using only the finest ingredients and open kettles for every preparation. Simmering, skimming, reducing—they do all of this to create consistent quality foundations. They have removed the most time-consuming step, so you can focus your efforts on perfecting signature sauces and entrées.

Demi + Glace Products:


Glace de Veau

Glace de Poulet, roasted

Demi-Glace Poulet Classic

Glace de Agneau (lamb)

Demi-Glace de Veau, Classic (veal)

Demi-Glace de Veau Elite (veal)

Glace de Homard (lobster)

Glace de Porc

Glace de Canard (Duck)

Sous Vide Entrées:


Lamb Shank w/ Demi-Glace

Pork Shank w/ Demi-Glace

Pork Shank w/ BBQ Sauce

Beef Short Rib w/ Demi-Glace

Bonewerks, originally CulinArte, was founded in 1998 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The purity of their Glace and Demi Glace products are continually compared to those of an in-house master saucier. Today, Bonewerks is known as the industry leader in sauce and sous vide.

Fine dining establishments, cruise lines and foodservice operations appreciate the quality and consistency of Bonewerks’ products. The healthcare and spa industries embrace their products for being fat-free, trans fat-free, sodium-free, preservative-free and additive-free.

Bonewerks believes in sauce excellence. So, they use open-kettles, and spend 24 hours on every batch. Along with the oven-roasted bones, they add fresh mire poix, herbs, and spices. Their chefs carefully monitor every kettle—simmering, skimming and reducing to their strict standards.

Batches of Glace de Veau take over 24 hours to produce. This is a continual operation (6 days a week, 24 hours a day) browning in excess of 150,000 lbs. per week. Simmering and reduction times for other Glace products vary by species.