Hazel Dell Mushrooms

Hazel Dell mushrooms are highly-coveted exotic mushrooms in the Rocky Mountain region. Hazel Dell is currently owned and operated by Jared Scherger and Lucinda Womack. The farm was started in 1995 by Jim and Antonia Hammond and was purchased directly from them by Jard and Lucinda in 2020. The mushrooms are grown year-round in temperature-controlled sheds for consistent supply. Hazel Dell delivers to directly to Seattle Fish Co.’s dock for distribution throughout the region. Each variety is carefully packed in five-pound cardboard flats for ideal transportation and shelf-life.

Available varities include:

Oyster – This light gray, fluted shaped mushroom grows in clusters. It is tangy when raw and mild when cooked and has a slightly chewy texture. It is an excellent component of soups or stir-fries. Oyster mush- rooms are common throughout the US, typically growing on dead hardwood trees. Code 837

Shiitake  – These mushrooms have a distinct and slight smoky flavor. They adapt well in many dishes. The whole mushroom is edible, caps and stems. They’re good in soups, sautés, stir fry, pizza, risotto, burg- ers and kabobs. They are a staple in many Chinese recipes. Code 836

Lion’s Mane – This ivory colored, cauliflower looking ball has a fragrant aroma and a seafood-like texture when it is cooked. Also known as “Bear’s Head”, it sometimes looks like a brain. Good for sautéing or in any dish calling for mushrooms. Code 841

 Portabella/Crimini – This is the same mushroom; the only difference is the size. It is a more flavorful version of the common white button mushroom. Toss in a vinaigrette and grill, slice and sauté, or use in any common mushroom recipe. Also, they are great served raw. Code 838

Cinnamon Cap –  These are small bright orange mushrooms that grow in clusters. The have a nutty flavor and a crunchy texture. No need to chop or slice. Simply cut free from the cluster and use. Great sautéed! Code 840

Royal Trumpet  – This firm, meaty oyster is often used in place of many proteins. They have thick, meaty stalks and caps that hold up well to cooking. The flavor is mild and elegant, yet savory. Royal Trumpets can be steamed, grilled or sautéed. These mushrooms are also known as King Trumpets. Code 839

Variety Pack  – This mix is the perfect chef’s pack. There are 3-4 varieties in each 5lb box, which may include shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, cinnamon cap, royal trumpet, and oyster). Code 835

Chris Utterback, the mushroom farmer.
For over thirty years, Chris Utterback has been growing mushrooms. Initially, he oversaw Dole’s mushroom division. After three years, he began growing his own exotic mushrooms, which eventually became the famous Hazel Dell mushroom farm located in Ft. Collins, CO.

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Hazel Dell grows its mushrooms organically according to USDA National Standards.

This program is certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture which inspects their farm annually. They use hardwood sawdust, wheat bran, rice bran, gypsum, and limestone to prepare the mixture that the mushrooms grow in. This mixture is steam sterilized in a special mushroom growing bag to avoid any bacterial or mold contaminants. All of their mushroom culture lab work is performed in a super HEPA-filtered clean room to also minimize contamination after they sterilize their sawdust bags. Their employees even shower and change into sterile lab clothing before the inoculation process. They keep our harvest rooms clean and our crop cycles short to avoid pest problems which mean that they do not need to use any pesticides.

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