08 Apr 2019

Alex Seidel, Adam Schlegel & Miller Chicken – The Perfect Partnership

“So, what do you think about sourcing chicken through Seattle Fish Company?” was the first question I asked Alex Seidel (Fruition, Mercantile Dining & Provisions) and Adam Schlegel (Snooze) when I sat down with them last month. They both chuckled.

“Honestly, it was a weird thought at first. But,” said Seidel, “it came down to my relationship with Seattle Fish and the trust that has been built over time. Seattle puts careful thought and consideration into the seafood they have been sourcing forever, so why wouldn’t they do the same thing with chicken?”

The dynamic duo recently opened their newest venture together, Chook Charcoal Chicken, in January 2019. Inspired by Schlegel’s time in Australia where there was a neighborhood chicken shop on every corner, Chook’s location off of South Pearl positions the restaurant exactly as it was intended: the ultimate solution for a delicious, accessible dinner whether you’re dining in or taking it home to feed a hungry family.

Before Chook was ready to open, though, Seidel and Schlegel needed to find the perfect chicken. “We had to check all those boxes – a great tasting, high-quality chicken that was raised by someone who cares about how they feed, care for and ultimately process the chicken – before we could really feel good about selling that to our customers” said Schlegel.

When Seattle Fish Company proposed using Miller Poultry Chicken, it fit the bill: hormone and antibiotic free, and humanely raised in smaller flocks by Amish families on a farm in Northern Indiana. In fact, Schlegel & Seidel even made a trip to the farm to see the operation first hand. They were impressed not only with the dedication and practices they saw, but also how many people who lived in the local community actually worked at the facility and showed a passion for their jobs.

Miller Poultry Chicken is always fresh and never frozen, especially tender, and has no artificial colors. It is all packed and weighed by hand, ensuring that no chicken ever leaves the farm without first meeting Miller’s strict quality standards. After visiting the farm, the decision was easy: Miller Poultry Chicken would be the exclusive chicken brand used at Chook.

In addition to making sure they source the best products possible, Schlegel and Seidel also stressed Chook is a different kind of restaurant; a more approachable one. Especially in a city like Denver with a thriving food scene, a new restaurant seems to be opening almost daily. Food accessibility and affordability can become a real problem, really fast. Chook is proud to be able to offer product of a high-quality at an affordable price point. A whole chicken, which could easily be used as dinner for family of four, is $20, and a half is just $13.

Schlegel and Seidel are also passionate about giving back to the community. “So many businesses just take. Everything we do needs to be a positive force, instead of a retraction”, said Schlegel.  This is visually clear when you look around the restaurant. Dead ash trees that were cut down have been recycled and repurposed into the restaurant’s counters and seating. There are also glass jars near the register promoting local charities and nonprofits that will receive 1% of every dollar spent at Chook. Each time patrons place an order, they are given a token made out of recycled fishnet and asked to place it in a jar that represents their organization of their choice.

Thank you Adam and Alex for your time and kind words, and for choosing to source your chicken through Seattle Fish Company. We’re proud to have you as our friends and customers, and are so happy to see a community-minded restaurant like Chook take root in Denver.

To learn more about Chook, it’s mission and Adam & Alex, visit their website here.

To find out more about Seattle Fish Company’s Miller Chicken Poultry program, please contact your Sales Representative or reach out to Pat Zoghby (pzoghby@seattlefish.com).

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