03 Dec 2015

Next Stop: Park City, Utah

Seattle Fish Co. Expands Its Distribution Into Park City, Utah

December 1 marked the day Seattle Fish Co. made its first delivery in Park City, Utah.  Inspired by success in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a growing market, the Seattle Fish Co. expansion will service Park City with the longer term goal of including Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.

This extension fills the void of an increased demand for fresh seafood. In addition to allowing for the sourcing of premium and highly perishable products to areas that proved difficult for chefs in the past, it will foster the availability of more product and variety for restaurants and culinary business owners located there. Now, Utah-based chefs will have greater access to specialty products and an extensive lineup of fresh seafood offerings.

Starting December 1st, Park City restaurants, markets, and caterers can order and receive Seattle Fish Co. product on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Using Seattle Fish Co. refrigerated trucks, they’ll control the cold chain at all times, ensuring quality throughout the process.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity to expand our distribution of the highest quality seafood and gourmet products into the Utah market,” says Seattle Fish Co. President and CEO, James Iacino. “The restaurants and grocers in Salt Lake City, Park City, and the surrounding resort towns care about the quality and provenance of their food; we are thrilled to bring our expansive line of products to them backed with our legendary 97-year history of incredible food service.”

For more information about the Utah expansion, please contact Marketing and Communications Manager, Rachel Adams.