06 Nov 2015

At the source: Idaho Trout Farms

November 06, 2015At The Source, Uncategorized

Seattle Fish Co. has sourced Idaho farmed rainbow trout for decades. Outside of Twin Falls, Idaho lives two pristine trout farms that raise some the highest quality rainbow trout available.  Our team headed up to Idaho the other week to visit both farms: Sea Pac of Idaho and Clear Springs. The experience was eye-opening for some of our team’s first-time visitors.
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The land and farms were absolutely breathtaking. The aquaculture operations source their water from a natural aquifer that is consistently 58 degrees year-round. The natural aquifer fills the trout raceways and is flushed through in under 20 minutes, allowing for continuous fresh water flow.  The continuous spring water flow gives the Idaho trout their famous clean and mild flavor. Both farms are non-consumptive users of this pure water source, making them a truly sustainable operation and sustainable product. From hatchery to processing, everything is within 50 miles. This limits their carbon footprint and creates less stress on the fish during transport.

Our recent visit to these farms reminded us of the importance of partnership.  These trout farmers are passionate about their fish and it shows. They are dedicated to the sustainability of their operations and appreciate distributing through like-minded partners. “Sea Pac of Idaho and Seattle Fish Co. have a long lasting relationship. We value our partnership with SFC and their ability to distribute our trout throughout Colorado and into the resort communities.
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Our relationship stems all the way back to the ‘days of Mose Iacino’, the founder of Seattle Fish Co.,” says Ken Ashley, President of Sea Pac of Idaho.

During our peak season, Seattle Fish Co. receives and distributes over 7,000 pounds per week of fresh, never frozen, Idaho trout. We receive shipments twice a week from temperature controlled trucks direct from the farms. Our chefs and markets have the option of receiving Idaho trout in a number of forms: whole, dressed, butterflied, and filleted. Reach out to your Seattle Fish Co. rep to receive a sample of this clean, mild, Idaho trout.