08 Oct 2015

NEW: Calculator to Track Sustainability

Officially announced just days ago, is the launch of a new and powerful seafood sustainability ranking tool: The Sustainable Seafood Calculator! Seattle Fish Co. is a partner in this one-of-a-kind website and app. We’ve been testing the development with FishChoice and are thrilled by the power and visibility this tool provides for our partners and customers.  The rankings are pulled from another partner of ours: Seafood Watch by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The tool has created quite a buzz in the seafood industry at an international level.  See the recent articles below covering the official launch.

How can you rank your sustainability? Head over to the calculator and create a free account using SeattleFish when asked for the partner code.  From there you will be able to list the seafood you are currently carrying which will generate a personalized and detailed sustainability scorecard for your establishment.
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 “We partnered with FishChoice.com to create the Seafood Calculator to allow our customers to easily and accurately rate the sustainability of their seafood,” says Derek Figueroa, COO of Seattle Fish Co. “The Seafood Calculator is a valuable and straightforward tool that makes it easy for Seattle Fish Co. to deliver up-to-date information to our customers and allow them to drive real change.”

We encourage all of our customers and partners to give it a try today!

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