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Derek Figueroa

And so it begins….

Oysters are a special animal – as filter feeders they have an inherent ability to reflect the intimacy of the environment including water salinity, tidal flow, water nutrients, temperature. In wine, the influence of the environment and geography on the grape is termed ‘terroir’ – for oysters we call this ‘merroir’.

Derek Figueroa

We are excited about the recent news out of The Monterey Bay Aquarium and their move to standardize existing eco-labels to their familiar red, yellow, and green ranking systems. As anyone who has tried to navigate the confusing world of eco-labels knows, it's tough to make an informed decision and determine equivalency among the multitude of certification schemes!

Derek Figueroa

Good news, conservation works! In early April, Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program moved almost 70% of the Chilean Seabass on the market from avoid to good alternative. This change in ranking came after a year-long assessment by Monterey Bay Aquarium and is largely due to the efforts of conservation, management and science.

Derek Figueroa

The conservation group Oceana released a report this week on the prevalence of seafood mislabeling at restaurants and grocery stores throughout the country. The report detailed that up to one in three of the fish samples they tested were not labeled in accordance with the FDA regulations. The good news? Grocery stores in Denver were 100% compliant.

Derek Figueroa

Seafood is our passion - we eat, breathe and sleep fish. Even so, sometimes it’s tough to keep up with latest press concerning responsible sourcing, fishing quotas, farming concerns, and sustainability. What’s a responsible fish-ophile to do?