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About Seattle Fish Co.

In 1918, 16-year-old Mose Iacino embarked on a dream to bring fresh seafood from Seattle to the people of Denver and the surrounding area. Although much has changed since those dustbowl days, Seattle Fish Co. remains a family-run business, where the traditions of innovation, dedication, passion and service live on. We now have a top-notch team of over 135 employees who deliver quality products to more than 1,400 Rocky Mountain companies, making us one of the largest seafood distributors in the Western United States. As an industry leader, we’re active members of organizations that continually work to improve the quality and sustainability of practices in the seafood industry.


In the beginning, when we still relied on the rail system, we’d have to wait a week before salmon and halibut from Seattle would arrive in Denver. Technology has now made it possible to deliver the most fresh seafood from both coasts and around the world to the Rockies in hours, not days. As veterans in the seafood industry, we strive to develop and maintain close personal and professional relationships with our highly respected seafood suppliers to ensure 100 percent satisfaction from catch to cook. This is all made possible thanks to our enthusiastic team of dedicated employees who work around the clock—seven days a week—in our state-of-the-art Denver facility. Check out our Fact Sheet for more details.

Stats & Facts

10 million pounds—amount of fresh seafood our team receives and processes each year for over 1,400 customers throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

Dedicated to fostering sustainable fishing and fish farming practices in North America and around the world, Seattle Fish Co. is a founding member of Sea Pact, a first-of-its-kind environmental nonprofit formed through an alliance of nine seafood distributors.

We source seafood from all three American coasts and from countries as far away as New Zealand, Norway and Chile—in addition to selling local fish farmed in nearby Alamosa, Colorado.

The first in the Rocky Mountain region, we’re certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as an official “chain of custody” supplier of seafood guaranteed as sustainable from catch to cook.

Lowered our annual carbon emissions by an estimated 285,000 pounds, thanks to a newly installed 103kWh solar array at the Seattle Fish Co. headquarters.

More than $125,000 annually—amount contributed to charitable organizations through direct funds or in-kind gifts to the metropolitan Denver business community.


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