All Natural Sea Scallops


Seattle Fish Company is proud to be your purveyor for the freshest fish and shellfish available from around the world. We know that our products are only as good as the people who raise, catch or harvest it, which is why we work tirelessly to cultivate relationships with the best fishermen and women, farmers and companies that we can find in order to bring you a fresh, high-quality product every single time. 

This is why we’ve chosen to team up with our friends at Blue Harvest Fisheries to offer you our Seattle Fish Company Sea Scallops. These Atlantic sea scallops are wild-caught off the East Coast, incredibly fresh and 100% traceable back to where they harvested. Blue Harvest owns all of their vessels, which allows for an increased level of transparency and honesty in the food supply chain — something there should be more of. Fresh and never frozen, these scallops are carefully shucked and packed by hand and shipped directly to our dock in Denver, CO. 

What you can expect from our Seattle Fish Co. Sea Scallops: 

  • Pristine Atlantic sea scallops strictly assessed for quality and freshness 
  • 100% traceable and harvested on vessels owned by Blue Harvest
  • Processed through a certified SQF Level 3 and rated USDC Grade A plant
  • From an MSC certified sustainable fishery
  • Product of the United States (New Bedford, Massachusetts) 
  • NEW plastic packaging which allows the scallop pail and label to be recycled, as well as providing you with an easier way to reseal and store your scallops, keeping them fresh for longer

About Blue Harvest

Blue Harvest Fisheries is a fast-growing, MSC certified brand leader for responsibly harvested, U.S. sourced seafood. Our mission is to set a higher standard for seafood. We believe that the best seafood comes from a better seafood company—one that brings transparency, openness, and unflagging honesty to everything we do .Blue Harvest Fisheries operates its own fleet of 15 vessels as well as offload facilities and a state of the art SQF Level 3 waterfront manufacturing facility in New Bedford, MA. 

Common Names
Scallop, Sea Scallop, Giant Scallop

Scientific Name
Placopecten magellanicus

Seasonal Availability

Primary Product Forms
Fresh: 1 gallon (8 lb) or 1/2 gallon (4)

Product Profile









Life Cycle of a Sea Scallop

Our sea scallops are from an MSC-certified fishery. Wild-caught sea scallops from the U.S. Atlantic are deemed a “Good Alternative” by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program.

A favorite preparation for sea scallops is quickly seared over high heat in a heavy-bottom pan on the stove.  They can also be broiled, skewered for kabobs and grilled, used in stir-fry, smoked, used in chowders or stews or for ceviche.

Nutritional Facts: 

US North Atlantic

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