Loch Duart Scottish Salmon


Loch Duart Salmon are grown in the cold, clear waters of Northwest Scotland. This area was once home to some of the best Wild Atlantic Salmon runs in the world, but overfishing and other man-made issues, dating as far back as the 19th century, have made this wild fishery nearly non-existent. In 1999, three Scottish farmers, who were dedicated to their country and its fisheries, established Loch Duart Salmon. From that day forth, their team has been focused on growing a sustainable product that is as close as possible to this once world-renowned wild salmon. Bred from the world’s last remaining 100% Scottish Broodstock, these fish are fed a diet that closely mimics what they would eat in the wild, and “You Can Taste The Difference”.

Common Names
Scottish Salmon

Scientific Name
Salmo Salar

Seasonal Availability
Year-round, Northwest Scottish Highlands

Primary Product Forms
Fresh: Whole, H&G, Fillet










sushi, sashimi, grilled, baked, boiled

Salmon eat fish in the wild, and Loch Duart is committed to sustainably feeding their fish a recipe that is as close as possible to their natural diet. Keeping in mind the environmental concern over the use of wild fish to feed farmed salmon, they have developed an ingenious solution. Loch Duart is sourcing their primary feed ingredient from a partner in Iceland that harvests wild capelin for their roe. This is an extremely sustainable source of marine proteins because capelin is a fast growing fish that is low on the trophic scale. It is very bony and unfit for human consumption. Loch Duart is utilizing what remains after the fish are harvested for their roe. The high percentage of marine proteins in their feed equates to a very high level of Omega-3’s.

Flown directly from the North Scottish Highlands to Seattle Fish Co.