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Colorado Goat Cheese

Featured, Fresh Fish, SFC Exclusive, Speciality, Sustainable

Hazel Dell Mushrooms

Hazel Dell mushrooms are highly-coveted exotic mushrooms in the Rocky Mountain region. Hazel Dell is currently owned and operated by Jared Scherger and Lucinda Womack. The farm was started in 1995 by Jim and Antonia Hammond and was purchased directly from them by Jard and Lucinda in 2020. The mushrooms are grown year-round in temperature-controlled sheds for consistent supply. Hazel Dell delivers to directly to Seattle Fish Co.'s dock for distribution throughout the region. Each…

Colorado Hybrid Striped Bass

Colorado Hybrid Striped Bass It's not always necessary to go to the coasts for a great flavored seafood option. Colorado Catch Hybrid Striped Bass is naturally raised from fingerlings to fillets in pure artesian waters flowing from Colorado's San Luis Valley. This firm yet flaky and moist textured fish is farmed in Alamosa by a family-owned company, Colorado Catch. Co-owner Tyler Faucette says the company produces 350,000 pounds of the bass each year, and nearly…

All Natural Spice Blends

  If there was ever a match made in culinary heaven, it’s Denver’s own Seattle Fish Co. and The Spice Guy. Now these titans of taste have combined to create a signature line of locally mixed spice blends expertly crafted to maximize the flavors of all your seafood dishes. All of the blends are exclusive to Seattle Fish Co. They’re all-natural, gluten- free and inherently GMO- free. {{ vc_btn: title=Download+Product+Guide&align=left&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C&el_class=signup-btn+orange-button }} Product InfoSourcingSustainabilityDid You Know?…

Colorado Honey

Bee Squared honey is produced from honey bees that have not been chemically treated. Locally produced honey is better for you and for your environment. Bee Squared offers honey from hives located in Boulder, Larimer, and Weld Counties in Colorado. Trust and support your local beekeeper. {{ vc_btn: title=Download+Product+Guide&align=left&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C&el_class=signup-btn+orange-button }} Product InfoSourcingSustainabilityDid You Know? Available varieties include: Honey, Clover - 5 lb. Honey, Alfalfa - 5 lb. Honey, Orange - 5 lb. Honey, Comb -…

American Tuna

American Tuna MSC-certified Premium Canned Albacore Tuna Available in two sizes: 66.5 oz and 6 oz. American Tuna was formed by six American Pole & Line fishing families in San Diego, California in 2005. The Mission of American Tuna is to provide a high quality sustainable canned albacore tuna customers can buy directly from the source. American Tuna is hand filleted and hand packed premium albacore loins. The tuna steaks are packed in the can…