10 Dec 2020

Introducing Seattle Fish Co. + River Bear Meats Sustainable Beef Program

December 10, 2020Uncategorized

You know Seattle Fish Company as a provider for all of your sustainable seafood needs – but did you know we also offer sustainable terrestrial proteins? We are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with River Bear American Meats to expand our protein options and offer you a brand new Sustainable Beef Program.

Partnering with River Bear American Meats allows Seattle Fish Co. to double down on our sustainability commitments and expand into the world of terrestrial proteins, while at the same time continue to deliver you a superior product you can feel great about adding to your menu or store.

River Beat Meats, established by Colorado Chef Justin Brunson (Masterpiece Deli, Old Major), is the product of Justin’s passion for quality ingredients and agricultural roots. River Bear only sources from family farmers who raise their animals the right way – the humane way, which is why they have chosen to source all of their beef from family-owned and operated Revier Family Farm. Revier Farms has been operating since 1867, and is dedicated to raising premium cattle for the best tasting beef available.

All beef sourced & supplied through the Seattle Fish Co. + River Bear Meats Sustainable Beef Program is:

-Natural beef raised & produced on the Revier Family Farm

-Superiorly tender, with beautiful marbling

-Over 90% Prime or Choice Graded

-Best tasting beef from premium cattle fed a high-quality diet

-Total Livestock Care (TLC) Animal Welfare certified

Unmatched Sustainability

When we say this beef is sustainable – we mean it. Revier Farms has worked tirelessly to ensure sustainability efforts are made throughout the entire beef raising and production processes, including positive social, economic and environmental impact. Sustainable practices were a strict requirement for both River Bear & Seattle Fish Co., and we can’t help but wonder if one of the reasons this beef tastes so good is because of how careful & intentional it is treated (we think it must!)

Image credit: Revier Cattle Company Website

*Please contact your Seattle Fish Co. Sales Rep to learn more about our Sustainable Beef Program and current availability of River Bear Meats products.

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