20 Nov 2015

Fourth round of Sea Pact Grants announced!

This month SeaPact will distribute their fourth round of grants to three well-deserved organizations. Two existing grant recipients received renewed funding: University of North Texas (UNT), for a research project utilizing probiotics as an alternative to antibiotics for improving growth and survival in marine finfish aquaculture, and the Downeast Institute in Maine, for work with clammers in the town of Freeport to conduct large-scale, manipulative experiments to test hypotheses involving predator exclusion (invasive green crabs) and habitat modification – all in support of enhancing the number of both wild and cultured “spat” (juvenile clams). The newest grant recipient is a research project at the Vancouver Aquarium seeking to improve sea lice mitigation within the net-pen farmed salmon industry.  The project is evaluating the usage of Kelp Perch and Pile Perch within the net pens to control sea lice populations in place of using antiparasitic agents like SLICE.
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Seattle Fish Co. is one of the founding members of Sea Pact, a group of leading North American Seafood Companies dedicated to driving stewardship and continuous improvement of social, economic, and environmental responsibility throughout the global seafood supply chain. You can learn more about all of the grant recipients and their project details at Sea Pact’s website.