10 Sep 2015

Event Recap: Sustainable Seafood Denver with Monterey Bay Aquarium

A couple of week’s ago Seattle Fish Co. teamed up with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and their Seafood Watch Program to host a “Sustainable Seafood Denver 2015“, a one-of-a-kind sustainability event  The day was a huge success to say the least.  “Seafood Uncovered: Success Stories and New Sources” was the first of two events was an interactive presentation and seafood tasting. Guests learned what’s new in sustainable seafood and how more than a dozen species are set to become the new ocean-friendly flavor of Denver’s restaurant scene. Samir Mohammed and his culinary team at the History of Colorado Center created a mouth-watering menu of sustainable West Coast Groundfish. The second event was “Go Fish! Ocean-Friendly Seafood Celebration” at Baur’s Restaurant and Listening Lounge.  The ticketed event included sustainable seafood bites by some of Denver’s most well-known chefs.
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 We enjoyed everything from abalone to gooseneck barnacles!
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If you missed out this year, stay connected to our Fishmonger Journal to learn about upcoming seafood events and educational opportunities!

Click below to view a photo tour of “Sustainable Seafood Denver”!