16 Jul 2015

Event Recap: Aspen Food and Wine 2015

July 16, 2015Events, Uncategorized

Seattle Fish Co. is pretty lucky to have one of the nation’s most premier food events in our backyard: Food and Wine Classic in Aspen, CO.  This year we loaded our cars with specialty seafood from across the globe and headed up the mountains. We hosted a successful seafood event with the Denver FIVE chefs, which featured products found exclusively in the Rocky Mountain Region through Seattle Fish Co. The talented chefs truly put on a show with their creations!
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We devoured oysters, octopus, cuttlefish and more before heading to some of the grand tasting events. The weekend was filled with inspiring food and wines from all over the world.  Seattle Fish Co. was also a proud sponsor of two Cochon555 events: Heritage Fire and The Grand Cochon.  Heritage Fire being a highlight of the trip, celebrated fire.
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The chefs used open flames as their only heat source to create incredible bites for the crowd.  Our favorite plates included a whole opah cooked by Troy Guard of TAG Restaurants, a whole sturgeon roasted by the crew of Rosenberg Bagels, and mackerel on a stick by Kelly Whitaker of Basta and Cart-Driver. Another event highlight was the “Wine at the Mine” party hosted by Infinite Monkey Theorem.  It’s not a party without food, so a few of Colorado’s most acclaimed chefs cooked signature bites half-way up the mountain next to an abandoned mine!

Click on the photos below for a visual recap of the events!