18 Jun 2015

FIP: Gulf of California (Mexico) Shrimp

Seattle Fish Co. is dedicated to the health of our oceans.  Our goal is to ensure there will be fresh seafood for our children and their children, which is why we are passionate about FIPs and AIPs.  In this previous post, you can learn about what FIPs and AIPs are all about and how they help the sustainability of our industry. Seattle Fish Co. supports a number of specific FIPs through including a Gulf of California shrimp fishery improvement project in Mexico. The Gulf of California shrimp fishery was previously identified as the most ecologically damaging fishery in the area.  Sustainable Fisheries Partnership launched this FIP in 2009 and it has made large strides in improving the fisheries in the past few years. To learn more about the specific FIP and their efforts, see the info below or head over to the SFP website.

FIP Objectives:
  • Promote the use of gear that diminish environmental impacts.
  • Promote full compliance with fishery regulations.
  • Implement traceability programs to Increase the producers’ transparency and accountability.


Current Improvement Recommendations:
  • Start using bycatch reduction devices in advance of the 2016 deadline and monitor their impact on shrimp and bycatch capture rates.
  • Establish third-party auditable control documents to verify compliance with the fishery regulations.
  • Increase supply chain transparency and accountability by implementing traceability and vessel monitoring systems.