09 Apr 2015

Red’s Best fishery visit in Boston

While in Boston for the recent Seafood Expo, the Seattle Fish crew was fortunate enough to visit some fisheries and farms. After visiting the Island Creek Oyster Farm, we headed to our next visit to Red’s Best. They are located right at the end of the Boston Fish Pier. Red’s Best is basically our one stop shop for East Coast fish and ground fish, along with some shellfish.
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In peak weeks, these guys are processing and shipping over 150,000 pounds of fish to seafood distributors like Seattle Fish Co. all over the US. Most of their business actually lies outside of Boston. They offer a great traceability platform that allows distributors and chefs to access information including vessel info, captain name, gear type used, and port landed.  This information is invaluable to our customers because it bring the industry full-circle and allows our end user to know exactly where, when, and who caught their product. Fresh squid, skate, knobby conch, live scallops, razor clams, wild Chatham mussels, monkfish, and a whole slew of other items were being packed and handled for us to see and inspect right alongside their sales manager Rory O’Donnell.
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We actually watched and inspected the order that was leaving for our warehouse later that afternoon. Walking outside and down the road to their new processing facility, much of which was still under construction, we passed massive 40-foot trawlers with deck hands loading gear and checking nets for their trip to harbor later that day. The freshness, variety, order flexibility, and customer service of Red’s Best is why they have become one of our closest partners in the last few years. We are proud to represent their products Colorado!