26 Mar 2015

Recap: Seafood Expo North America aka “Boston Seafood”

Although the name has officially changed, many of the seafood industry veterans still refer to North America’s largest seafood conferences as “Boston Seafood”.  Now named Seafood Expo North America, this exposition is still the place “to be” for yearly industry updates, new product showcases, and meeting face-to-face with partners.  This year was like no other and did not disappoint.  We saw seafood. We ate seafood. We met with many fishermen we speak with on the phone every day.A team of Seattle Fish Co. buyers, reps, and executives shipped-up to Boston.  We also asked Pete and Paul Marczyk from Denver-based Marczyk Fine Foods to join the journey to learn more about the seafood in their cases and look for new products to share with their customers. It was an energizing few days that ended with trips to a fishery and farm: Red’s Best Seafood and Island Creek Oyster Company.
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  More to come on the trips, but in the meantime learn what we found to be the biggest take-aways from the event.

— “The variety of products represented at the show was almost overwhelming, yet exciting. Also, is was very valuable to be able to spend some time with our vendors who we normally don’t ever see as sales reps.” –Graham Haworth, sales representative, Seattle Fish Co.

— “It was impactful to see that we are partnered with some great companies, and the strength of those partnerships is tremendous. Also, we found some really interesting new products that we will bring to Denver’s marketplace over the next several months.” –Mike Shepler, buyer, Seattle Fish Co.

— “The show floor was massive and the breadth of items was unreal.
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 It was also wonderful to meet other seafood distributors and learn more about their business and successes they  have in their respective marketplaces. For me, the highlights of the trip were meeting various vendors, making connections, setting up trainings, and coordinating sales opportunities.” –Amanda Duran, director of sales, Seattle Fish Co.

— “I’m always impressed about the education and resources our suppliers make available for our team (Seattle Fish Co.) and our customers, both wholesale and retail. They are eager and willing to help educate anyone on the seafood industry as a whole and their specific products.” –Will Martin, seafood sales account manager for Kroger, Seattle Fish Co.