22 Oct 2014

Join us at the Denver Zoo for the Fourth Annual Sustainability Conference on October 29

“As an industry professional, it’s hard to sort through all the biased, sensationalist information in order to discern the truth about our seafood industry,” says Derek Figueroa, COO of Seattle Fish Co., which is hosting the fourth annual Sustainability Conference on October 29 at the Denver Zoo. To that end, notes Figueroa, the conference is an “opportunity for chefs and others in the food industry to get a concise and accurate view of seafood sustainability from true experts who live and breathe this life every single day.
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The conference, which is free, kicks off at 1:30 p.m. and continues until 3 p.m., and numerous speakers from Seattle Fish Co., Sea Pact, FishChoice Inc., co-creator of the web-based Sustainable Seafood Calculator, and Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) will be on hand to offer firsthand knowledge of our seafood industry. “It’s all about providing outreach to our customers and having a platform to share our successes and failures; to spur activity; to keep ourselves accountable; to promote collaborative partnerships; and to emphasize the fact that there’s power behind shared action – that together we can leverage the supply chain to strengthen our industry,” says Figueroa, who will speak at the conference. Those who attend, he stresses, “will learn about the current state of our fisheries, projects that Seattle Fish Co. and their partners are undertaking to improve and support sustainable seafood efforts and how we can all make an impact with our buying decisions.”

In addition to the conference speakers, the event will include a full complimentary bar, along with food, including ramen with lionfish, an invasive species that’s destroying ocean ecosystems, and a mahi mahi (sourced from the Sea Pact-sponsored Fishery Improvement Project CeDePesca) melt with micro frites and house pickles.

“Our industry is special, and we’re engaged in important action to address the opportunities of fishery improvement projects, eco-labeling, eco-benchmarking, collaboration throughout the supply chain, education and transparency,” says Figueroa. “This conference will touch on all of those things, and we hope that those who attend will benefit from the all the valuable information that’s available,” he concludes.
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