09 Oct 2014

Featured Recipe: Michelada Oyster Shooters

October 09, 2014On The Plate, Uncategorized
Michelada Oyster Shooters

1 dozen Goose Point oysters, shucked and held chilled in their liquor
1.5 ounces bloody Mary mix (I recommend Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning Classic Recipe)
20 ounces R.W. Knudsen organic tomato juice
6 ounces organic fire-roasted tomatoes
I bottle New Belgium Sunshine Wheat beer
Juice of 2 limes, plus 12 small wedges for garnish
1 ounce Saso Chipotle Pepper sauce
Microgreens for garnish
Sea salt
12 Shot glasses

1. To make the michelada mix, whisk together bloody Mary seasoning, tomato juice, lime juice, hot sauce and beer in a large mixing bowl (adjust seasonings to your personal tastes).
2. Rub shot glass rims with lime, and then roll half of every rim in sea salt.
3. Place an oyster – and a splash of the natural liquor – in each shot glass.
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4. Top each oyster with 3 ounces of the michelada mix and a small dollop of roasted tomatoes.
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5. Garnish each oyster with a sprinkle of microgreens; serve shooters with lime wedges.

During the Chefs Collaborative Sustainable Food Summit’s “A Taste of Things to Come” luncheon last week in Boulder, several of Colorado’s best chefs gathered at Chautauqua Park to feast on everything from fried rabbit to oysters. The luncheon, which was sponsored by Seattle Fish Co. and Niman Ranch, ballyhooed beautiful bivalves, including oysters on the half shell and oyster shooters, both of which were prepared by Daniel Asher, culinary director of Linger and Root Down, in Denver. “Enjoy these in good company with happy thoughts and light conversation,” says Asher of the oyster shooters.

Serves 12

Courtesy of Daniel Asher, culinary director of Linger and Root Down