02 Jul 2014

We’re bringing in the By-Catch!

“By-catch” is a word that is has been used in a negative light in the past, but at Seattle Fish we are working with one of our fishing partners, Gulf Wild, to change this. We are participating in the Gulf Wild’s ‘ByCatch of the Day Program’ by purchasing these untargeted edible fish that are caught while targeting other species, and finding a home for them on our Colorado plates.
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Over the past few months our chefs have been offered Gulf Wild Golden Tilefish, Red Porgy, Mangrove Snapper, Gag grouper, Hogfish and Jolthead Porgy, just to name a few! These are wonderful species that have tremendous value and shouldn’t go to waste, just because they were the intended catch. By promoting and utilizing untargeted edible by-catch, SFC and our restaurant partners are helping these Gulf fishermen make the most of their trips at sea.
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When we buy and sell these species it brings down fuel and gear maintenance costs, and in return passes along more stable pricing to our customers. Not only is SFC finding a home for by-catch, but we are also working with SeaPact to fund fishery improvement projects (FIP) to upgrade boats with the gear that reduces by-catch.  Between these avenues of using edible by-catch, and upgrading fishing vessels to reduce by catch, we feel we can make a big difference!