26 Mar 2014

Sea Pact announces their newest Grants at Seafood Expo North America

Seattle Fish Co. is one of six founding members of Sea Pact, a non-profit aimed at improving the fishing and fish farming systems to make the seafood industry a more sustainable and eco-friendly one. Sea Pact announced this week the two recipients of the most recent grants: Brazilian lobster FIP (fishery improvement project) and a unique project aimed at improving the sustainability of the soft shell clam industry in Maine.
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This funding will be used to support a traceability system and highlight legally trap-caught lobsters in Brazil. The second grant will be used to reduce the rapid decline of natural clam populations by focusing on predator exclusion (green crab) and habitat modification in Maine For more information on SeaPact or any of the grants or grantees go to www.seapact.org.  These grants were announced at Seafood Expo North America.
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