All Natural Spice Blends

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If there was ever a match made in culinary heaven, it’s Denver’s own Seattle Fish Co. and The Spice Guy. Now these titans of taste have combined to create a signature line of locally mixed spice blends expertly crafted to maximize the flavors of all your seafood dishes. All of the blends are exclusive to Seattle Fish Co. They’re all-natural, gluten- free and inherently GMO- free.


All spices come in bulk-size shakers design for the commercial kitchen.  Although they all range in net weight due to their contents, the bottles are all 16 oz in volume. Contact your Seattle Fish Co. sales rep to get a sample pack of each blend.

Island Chipotle Rub – Sweet, Acidic, Colorful. Great on white fish & shrimp tacos.

Korean Red Rub – A gochugaru base kicks this blend into high gear, pairs extremely well with meatier fish; we’re thinking grilled tuna.

Caribbean Herb – This isn’t any old jerk-style seasoning; with all the herbs and dried vegetables laced into this blend your guests will surely be back for seconds.

Seaside Seasoning – Garlic, onion, smoke, and salt are the name of the game in this delicious blend. Take your fresh sea bass and sprinkle this generously while searing for some out of this world flavors.

Sweet Habanero – Take a trip to flavor town with this combo of sweet and spicy. This is a guaranteed hit for spring and summer.

Torched Citrus – What’s better than the taste of the islands and fresh fish when patio season hits? Basically nothing. We couldn’t agree more.

Hot Garlic – A little heat and a little roasted garlic never hurt anyone. Take literally anything that swims and dust it with this one for a guaranteed winner all year long.


All of our spice blends are exclusively created for Seattle Fish Co. by Zach Johnston also known as “The Spice Guy”. They are Colorado-made with all natural ingredients.

The Spice Guy is dedicated to sustainability. In fact, the company’s facilities are 100%  run on solar power panels on the roof of their warehouse!

The Spice Guy (Zach Johnston) was a former chef at a number of restaurants in the Summit County of Colorado.  His business launched using a spice blend for fish tacos (go figure!). The original blend is very similar to our Island Chipotle. Call your rep for a sample.

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