Colorado Goat Cheese

Nestled in a beautiful river valley at the foot of the Colorado Rocky Mountain’s Collegiate Peaks, family-owned Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy produces some of the nations’s most delicious and award- 0winning goat cheese.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN DAWN CHEVRE – Wonderfully creamy, clean, fresh, with a citrusy finish. Size: 2/5lb VacPac bags shipped flat, frozen.

FIRST SNOW – Rind-ripened artisan specialty cheese dusted with poplar ash. Size: 4 lb. average, domed wheel.

BUFFALO PEAKS FETA – Mild, slightly salty, crumbly and versatile. Size: 2/5lb vac pack bags with whey brine. Code: 1981

FRESH GOAT CHEESE CURDS – These lovely little curds are a great flavor-filled alternative to mozzarella. Size: 2/5lb zip bags, frozen.


Dawn Jump began making cheese twenty-four years ago, while recreating pioneer life in the 1800s at a historical museum. Whether it was a love of old world tradition, a kindling of her artistic passion, or the natural outcome of growing up in a family of chefs, bakers and caterers, her artisan farmstead cheese maker’s passion was kindled from that moment on.

These days the whole family is involved in dairy operations, joined by a fantastic team of production, craftsmen, packaging, and live- stock – all spending their days loving goats, and their nights crafting cheese. Their goal is to create a regional destination for all things wholesome to eat, in support of local producers and talented food purveyors.

Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy is dedicated to sustainable agriculture, the education of local food systems, humane treatment of our livestock, and Darn Good Cheese making! Since 1997, we’ve been crafting goat cheese all by hand, in small batches, according to the classical French method of making cheese.

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