Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster

The mild, sweet flavor of Maine lobster is a highly regarded culinary experience, which makes finding the right vendors a top priority. Seaview Lobster Company is located on the waterfront in Kittery, Maine allowing boats to unload directly at the facility and making the product one stop from source to delivery. The company’s 25,000 lb. capacity facility stores lobsters in chilled natural ocean water and is packed in a climate controlled work area resulting in the freshest lobsters available without having your own boat.

Similar to Seattle Fish Company, Seaview Lobster Company is a family operated business and passion for the Flanigan’s – Tom, Kevin and their father Mike. Founded in 1994, the company was built on the belief that having the freshest, highest quality lobster means getting as close to the source as possible. Over the past 16 years, they have built customer loyalty by delivering the best possible product reliably, growing the business into one of Maine’s most trusted and successful live lobster shippers. As the lobster industry continues to evolve, Seaview Lobster Company stays one step ahead, offering new options from packaging to developing customized shipping and billing programs. Their ideals, passion, innovation and quality of product closely align with Seattle Fish Company’s vision.

Seaview Lobster Company sells only the highest quality hardshell lobsters, never compromising to save a few cents on surplus lobsters. Surplus lobsters are ones that have been pounded for extended periods of time, which results in sluggish lobsters, lobsters covered in algae or lobsters with a low meat fill and by general rule should be avoided. Lobsters are shipped to Denver in a specially designed carton called a Cloudpack box. This box is more expensive but transports the lobsters in a safe and humane manner. The Cloudpack box is a three part container that provides individual wells for the lobsters to burrow into decreasing stress, has a reservoir on the bottom of each well that can indicate any potential lobster damage, and cradles the lobster on the knuckles which does not tire the lobster.

This is a great time to market and serve lobsters. Stocks look to be plentiful and the prices are stable. Ask you sales representative for more information.

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