CCI All-Natural Colorado Trout

CCI All-Natural Colorado Trout

Seattle Fish Company has a strong commitment to sustainability and the company is proud to work with local, national and international vendors that supply high-quality and fresh products while at the same time implementing sustainable practices.

CCI trout farm in Buena Vista, CO uses proactive environmental practices assuring a stress free environment for raising Colorado trout. Fertilized eggs are incubated and hatched at the CCI hatchery and the young fish grow slowly and naturally at low densities in clean, high flow raceways. The fish are fed no color additives, which give CCI trout flesh a white color as opposed to the pink color usually seen in trout reared using colorants. Health and welfare of the fish are maintained by minimizing stress, reducing the introduction of disease and nurturing the fish through their physiological and behavioral needs. Trout benefit from a greater freedom of space, which is why CCI trout farm never has more than 115,000 to 130,000 fish swimming in its rearing unit. The result is an all-natural trout with an earthy taste and a mild, delicate and sweet flavor that stands up well to strong savory accompaniments like bacon.

The CCI trout farm is fully integrated, which means quality is controlled right through the system and in an environmentally friendly manner, returning water to the Arkansas River in the purest condition. The CCI Trout Farm’s supervisor is licensed to perform the strictest water tests prior to the release from the settlement facilities. Those test results are reported to the Environment Protection Agency ensuring the water is returned to the river in good condition.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium recently published their ‘Super Green List’. Farm-raised trout was one of the eight items on this prestigious list. To make the grade for this selective list the products had to recognized as a best choice on the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program, have low or no detectable levels of contaminants, and contain a daily dose of omega-3s.

This trout offers a truly local option that does not sacrifice taste, quality, or sustainability.

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